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Best news blog premium template ever.

In this article I am going to provide the most demanded blogger template just like the wordpress theme you will get here and after installing this theme your blog will look professional and just like a wordpress website.

The price of this theme is about 10 to 15 dollars and here I will give you this template for your blog without any cost. You will not pay anything to me. I just want a little support from you, kindly visit my blog daily and also subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest updates. 

Hello friends this is Ahad Tech Online Back with another article and amazing video so as I told you before that in this article I am going to give you the most demanded blogger template for your blog and also for AdSense approval because this theme is very responsive and also mobile responsive and SEO friendly too.

And also this template is very very professional and the most beautiful theme of this year because everyone is demanding this theme for their blog because this theme has a professional look just like wordpress website. 

After installing this template you will see that your blog will look like a wordpress website and you will not believe that you have a blog or a wordpress website.

Template Features & Overview.

The name of this Blogger template is GNews Premium and this template has a beautiful look and a professional look just like a wordpress website so everyone is demanding for this theme and I am going to provide a premium version of this theme to you absolutely without any cost.

Now let's talk about the features of this theme. I hope you will like the features of this template after installing this theme on your blog.

Template features.

The template has many features because this is the premium version of the template and if you use free version then you will not be able to use many features because the provider of this tablet has blocked some features in free version of this template so this is the premium version you can use all of the features which are given below.

  • Dark & Blue mode

  • Professional WordPress look

  • Mega menu

  • AdSense friendly

  • mobile friendly

  • SEO friendly

  • High speed template

  • fast page loading

  • No footer credit 

  • In-post ads

  • Professional profile look

  • professional social icons 

  • News ticker

  • and many more features 

Dark & Blue mode: 

Dark and blue mode means this is a premium template not a free version and this mode is always available in the premium Blogger templates. The benefits of dark mode is you can use your blog at night and you can be active in the blogging field at nights because it will not affect your eyes.

Professional Wordpress Look:

Professional Wordpress look, yes this blog template has a very professional look just like WordPress website and you have noticed your website always looks professional and beautiful just because their templates show this template is like wordpress website because it looks professional and very beautiful in a blogger website.

Mega Menu:

In this template you will see a Mega menu and in the desktop version and also in the mobile version too it is very responsive.

AdSense Friendly:

Your friends are waiting for AdSense approval and did not get approval from AdSense so what are you waiting for to install this template because this is AdSense friendly you can get instant AdSense approval on this template on your blog because this template is professional and AdSense friendly.

Mobile Friendly:

This template is very responsive in mobile view because this template is also fast loading in mobile view and also you will get valid pages in Google search console by using this template because this template is premium templates with no error.

SEO Friendly:

This template is SEO friendly too because if you don't have a single knowledge about SEO then do not worry this template is SEO friendly you can use some of keywords regarding your article and this template will rank your article in search engines because this template is SEO friendly.

High Speed Template:

This template is a fast loading template ever because speed of template is very fast and Google always accepts the approval of their partnership program of high-speed blogs and websites speed comes in blog just because of template to install this template your blog speed will increase.

Pages Fast Loading:

What do you mean by fast loading pages? Yes I mean if your article contains 2000+ words and also 3000+ words, a lot of images and a lot of video in each article then it will open fast in this template because of fast loading pages.

No Footer:

No footer means you can use your own website in the footer because this template is a premium version in the premium vision of templates there will be no footer credits of the owner and you will be the owner of this template when you will get this template and install it on your own blog.

In-post ads:

Have you noticed the in-posts ads in the professional websites or in the wordpress websites now you can use this template on your blog then you will see a in-posts ads option to place AdSense ads in your post and article on your blog because of this template your blog will look like a professional website just like WordPress.

Professional Profile look:

Professional profile look means when you point a cursor on your profile on this template your profile will look like a professional profile just like wordpress website because when you point your cursor on your profile it looks very awesome.

Professional Social Icons:

Professional social icons. The developer of this template has decorated and designed this social icon on this premium template. It is very beautiful. It always looks professional when you point a cursor at them and they have not any extra space between them and they are at the right place on the top and also in the footer next to the about us section..

News Ticker:

New sticker slideshow of your articles line by line or changes in every second is known as a news ticker. It is always available on wordpress websites. Now it is available on a blog template when you install this template you will see this news ticker. 

This template is full of new features because this template of blog is a premium version. When you install this template on your blog you will see hundreds of teachers in this template and you will get Joy of this feature when you do customization of this template.

How to Download this premium template.?

You can get this premium template from the link below. My Google Drive link will be added in the below so you can get this template from the link below.


How to install this template on a blog?

Installing this template on a blog is the common method by uploading but this template will not be installed on your globe by directly uploading. There is another way to install this template on your blog so follow me and notice how to install this template on a blog.

  1. First of all open your saved theme in notepad or notepad++ 

  1. And then open the blogger dashboard and click on theme and then click on arrow And click on Edit HTML.

  1. After clicking on HTML then the theme code will appear on your screen and select all the code and delete it or clear it and then copy the Notepad code with you open in notepad.Copy all the code from notepad and paste it on blogger HTML and save it  as I told you in above video you can watch video for live practical.

  1. After saving the code your theme will be installed on your blog.


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So I hope this article was very helpful for you and I hope you guys have understood very well and learned how to install this template on your blog so if you have any problem regarding this template or regarding template customization you can contact me through Facebook…

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