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Manually target USA UK and Canada traffic 

Hello guys in this article i am going to tell you how you can get the organic USA UK and canada traffic manually on your website and blog in just one minute. You can get a lot of traffic from the United States of your choice. Suppose if you want to get 100 visitors from the United states then you can get easily from the United states manually just follow my steps below.

If you want to watch the following video then you must watch the video and in this video i have given the live proof of getting united states traffic on my blog.

Hi friends, this is Ahad Tech Online back with another article as I told you above. In this article I am going to tell you how you can get organic traffic from the United states and canada on your blog yes…! You can get a lot of traffic from the United states and canada manually of your own choice just follow my steps.

How to get United states traffic 

First of all you have to make an account on the following site and then sign in your account on the website and make sure to use your email while signing up.

Website Link

Step 1.

The website link is given above on this website you have to sign in first and then a dashboard will be shown on your screen and then jump to the left sidebar menu.

Step 2.

In the sidebar menu you will see an option of surfing in the menu then click on it and earn some coins there for exchange of traffic.

Step 3.

After earning some coins there then click on the dashboard in the sidebar and then click on the manage ads. In the manage ads menu you will see three options 

  1. Ptp 

  2. Surfing

  3. Context/banner

Then click on the Ptp option and it will ask you to create a ptp ad then click on it and create an ad as shown in the above video. 

While creating the ad you will be given an option of geo targeting in the ad that means from which country you want traffic to your blog then you can select the country of your own choice.

After this process you will get organic traffic from that country as you selected in the geo targeting option and traffic will reach in just 2 minutes to your blog.


The sharing of this article is for the purpose of educating and helping those bloggers who are beginners and they have not any traffic on their blog and they want to earn money but they have no traffic then they must try this method it will help them a lot.

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