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Earn money online as a blogger

Hello friends in this article I am going to tell you how you can earn money as a blogger so in this article we will discuss about the earn money online from blogging so if you are interested then you must read the full article then you will able to earn money from blogging so we will discuss deeply about this topic because this is very interesting and after reading then you will be able to earn money from blogging. 

And if you understand the Hindi and Urdu language then you must watch the following video because in the following video I have explained each and every thing about blogging and after watching this video you will be able to make money as a blogger.

Four steps of making money as a blogger

There are four steps to making money as a blogger so we will discuss them here. First of all you have to buy a domain name for your blog and also you can go with the free sub-domain from blogger and then you have to create a beautiful blog and publish your articles in the blog and then you must index your blog in Google and after that you have to choose the best ad network like AdSense and other private networks.

  1. Choose domain name 

  2. Create a blog and publish articles

  3. Index your blog in Google

  4. Choose an ad network and Earn money

Only four steps that you can earn money from blogging so you must follow these steps which were given above so that you will be completely able to make money as a blogger.

Step 1: Choose domain name

First of all you have to choose your domain name for your blog so basically domain name is a brand to your blog like .com .in .pk etc these are examples of domain names. If you can connect to your blog then your blog address will look like a brand but if you can do it with a free sub-domain from a blogger then you can go with it for free it will also make you able to earn money from blogging.

Step 2: Create a blog.

After that you have to create a beautiful blog, then you will be able to make money as a blogger after creating a beautiful blog then you will become a blogger beginner. Creating a blog you must visit the blogger website and you will see a blogger interface and create a blog button then you will hi there a sign up button also so if you click a creative blog and sign up button both buttons are same you must Click one of them then a send a form will be opened you must sign up there with Gmail and then create blog there.

After signing up then you have to create a blog there and a form will be opened like choose a display name in this blank you will have to fill your display name after filling the display name then it will ask about it title then you have to write your blog title and then finally it will ask the address of your blog then choose the address regarding to your topic.

After filling the blanks then your blog will be created successfully and then the other thing is you have to publish your article about one article on a daily basis.

Installing the blog template on your blog.

After publishing the ten articles on your blog then you must install a template on your blog as your blog can look awesome. The template is the theme of a blog. You can install free versions of the templates on your blog and also you can buy templates for your blog too.

The difference between the free and paid templates is just look and footer credits so if you install the free version then on the template you will get footer credits of the template owner and if you install paid one then footer credit will be yours.

You do not need to buy any premium template so on my blog here you will get premium blog templates for free you can download and install on your blog.

If you do not know how to install templates on a blog then you must read my article on it and also you will get a YouTube video of installation of templates on my website.

Step 3: Index your blog in Google

So after that index your blogs articles in the Google Search Console so as you can get the approval and get the organic traffic from Google because the organic traffic helps you to earn money from blog if you do not index then how you earn.

Almost index your blog article 30+ articles as Google requires for its partner program AdSense if you choose it for earnings.

How to index your blog posts in Google so i have made videos and articles on it you can watch and read them must before you go ahead.

Step: 4 Choose an ad network & Earn money.

Ad network is a platform where you can monetize your traffic and earn money from it so specially almost every blogger chooses the Google AdSense ad network for earning because it pays a lot and its requirements are too high for applying.

If you want to read AdSense requirements then must visit the Google AdSense official website and read their eligibility criteria for applying.

But if you are choosing other AdSense alternative ad networks then also you can monetize your traffic from other private ad networks with no more requirements so if you want to know which is the best google adsense alternative ad network.

Then you must watch my video on Adsterra ad network. I have explained everything about the Adsterra ad network and it is the best AdSense alternative and pays a lot to its publishers.

I am also using the Adsterra ad network on my blog so I suggest you to use it on your blog if you have low traffic.


I shared this article and details in this video on my own experience basis. I have not taken them from others. I am a blogger and now I am earning as a blogger for 2 months so if you want to make money as a blogger then you must follow the above steps and also share this with your friends, family and colleagues as they can make money as a blogger.

If you have any issue and problem regarding this article or any other article or video then you can contact me through Facebook...

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