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Hello friends, in this article I am going to provide you a premium blog template with you can use on your job website this template is premium quality template and you can also use this template on news website this template is very suitable for job website if you have a blog and do not have a premium quality template for your job and news website then you must download this template.

This template is a very fast template because every job website is lengthy. and it takes so much time to load so this template is for a job and news website. If you have 100+ articles in your blog then you must download and install this template then your blog speed will be very fast. 

Hello friends, this is ahad tech online back with another article. As I told you above, in this article I am going to provide you with a premium blog template you can use on job websites and also you can use on news websites. So this is a premium quality template and you can download it from here so it will be great news for those who are beginners in the job website and new website they must download this template because it is a premium quality template. 

So now we will discuss the template features and template customization. This template is a premium quality template so you can customize it very well so I must watch a video for a live demo of this template.

Template features

The template which we are talking about is Anartisis blog template so you can change it when you install it on your blog. There are many features in this template but we will discuss some of them here so if you want to watch the full features of this temple then you must watch the above live demo video.

Colorful template

date mod available

slider post in header

breaking news ticker

AdSense friendly

mobile friendly

SEO friendly

slider post 

Scrolling post 

Cloud gallery 

Button labels

And many more features

So these are the template features which are given above so if you want to know more about the template features then you must watch the above video. and the above live demo so this template will be a great template on a job website. if you install it then it will look like a wordpress website because of the slider post and news ticker.

How to install a premium blog template.

The installation of a premium blog template is quite very easy. Everyone knows about the installation of premium templates. So if you do not know about the installation of premium blog templates then you must watch the above video. and here below I am going to tell you how to install a premium blog template.

First of all open your blog dashboard and jump to the theme section and click on themes.

Click the dropdown menu on customization and then click the HTML.

Remove all of the HTML code which is already there.

Open downloaded template in any editor like notepad and select all code and copy it.

Then jump to the blogger HTML and paste the selected HTML code of the premium blog template.

After pasting the downloadable code then click the save and your blog template will be installed respectively.

Do not directly upload templates on blogs. because the previous template codes will remain there they will not be removed by direct uploading.



This article is only for those who are searching for the premium quality blog templates and I have shared this article with all of you. If you have any problem regarding this article then you can contact me through Facebook.

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